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what we do

Education & Counseling

Education & Counseling

Moving people up the ladder of financial fitness and homeownership.
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Community Engagement

Community Engagement

Programming to support stronger families, neighborhoods & communities.
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Financial Services

Financial Services

Building partnerships, developing loan products and support financing that expand housing opportunities.
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Homeownership is the best method to stabilize families and neighborhoods.
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because home changes everything

2016 has been a year of positive transformation for Southwest Michigan Community Development Corporation. With fresh branding and innovative programming, SWMCDC continues to move individuals and communities forward—starting right at home.

Stable homes and neighborhoods are the very foundation of a strong community. SWMCDC’s four program lines including community engagement, education & counseling, real estate asset management & development, and lending & financial services are the best way we know to build on that foundation. Affordable, good quality housing opportunities attract families to purchase and lease homes throughout the city, which in turn, provides the workforce needed to retain industry and attract even more residents, jobs and business. It is a pattern, and our passion. And our results are proven.

One of our many new home buyers recently said after her closing, “Let’s go home.”
That sense of pride and satisfaction is why we do what we do.


still alive and kicking!

This may be the best time in history to seriously consider buying a home. Just be darned sure it’s the right time for you and the rest will come together nicely. As an industry and a culture, we’ve made our share of mistakes when it comes to buying homes; however, have no doubt that The American Dream of home ownership is still alive.

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we can help you too!
  • SWMCDC was very easy to work with. They were so good to us and so patient, understanding and willing to help. They had a financial class which was free and very helpful…they have a lot of ways to help you out. So our advice? Just try!
  • Everyone at SWMCDC was so friendly and helpful, and in a couple weeks the house was weatherproofed and insulated. We couldn’t have done it without them and I am happy to share our story so hopefully they can help others.
  • Growing up as a child, we moved a lot. So I’ve always wanted to give my son something more than I had—the stability of home. It’s important to me. And SWMCDC helped make that happen.
  • SWMCDC delivers on their promises. Whenever I need something, they take care of it, usually within 24 hours. The staff is great to work with.