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About Us

Neighborhoods Inc. of Battle Creek (NIBC)

We are a Michigan 501(C)3 non profit. We are:

We are governed by a Board of Directors selected from engaged residents, community leaders, government officials, and private sector business people. Our Board represents a cross section of the Battle Creek community and is in touch with its needs and how things get done.

The organization is directed by its Chief Executive Officer along with a staff of highly-experienced, cross-trained and compassionate professionals that serve the community.

What We Do

We work in four program lines, all within the context of community development. Market conditions have recently dictated adjustments in how we approach parts of our business. As such, we are continuously evolving and adjusting our program to reflect the needs we see in our community.


Our Core Values

  • Community – We will not lose sight of who we serve, the families that constitute the community and who, collectively and individually,
    must drive solutions.
  • Effective Stewardship – We understand that properly managing the funds that are entrusted to us is paramount to maintaining the trust
    of the funders and stakeholders that invest in the community through us.
  • Integrity – We strive to maintain transparency and openness in everything we do. We invite constructive critical review and will be accountable for our choices. Try as we might, we may not always make the right choices; but, we will instill in our staff and leadership, the capacity to acknowledge any misdirection. When we recognize it, we will take immediate action to get the organization back on track regardless of individual consequences.
  • Adaptability – We will always seek to be adaptable and responsive to changing conditions in our business environment and around the families in the community.
  • Measurability – We will strive to maintain the mechanisms to best measure our successes and our shortcomings. Understanding and
    articulating the distance we have traveled is critical to assessing the resources we need as we go forward.
  • Racial Equity – We actively support fair housing and issues related to “developing the whole child,” including education, childhood health and food systems, and family economic security, all with a strong emphasis on eliminating the disparate outcomes for children based on race and poverty.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help communities thrive through creating solutions for equitable living. We strive to empower and equip individuals, families, neighborhoods and businesses by identifying leadership, resources, and effective strategies that bring about long term change and achievement. NIBC considers a healthy community to be one that is safe, clean, diverse, drug and crime free, and where creativity, accountability, and hard work fuel economic growth.


Our Partners


NeighborWorks delivers many of its community-focused programs and services through the national NeighborWorks network – 235 independent, community-based nonprofit organizations serving more than 4,500 communities nationwide. More than one-third of these organizations serve rural communities. Together with its national and local partners, NeighborWorks provides grants, programmatic support, training and technical assistance to its national network.









Doing Business With Us

NIBC tries to do as much business as possible with locally based companies. The biggest part of our work is our construction and remodeling of residential structures. If you have an interest in being an approved contractor please contact us at 269-968-1113.

We are a members of: BC Chamber of Commence
The Coordinating Counsel