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Neighborhood Planning Councils

Neighborhood Planning Councils (NPCs) are resident-based groups that serve an important and specific purpose in our community. The purpose of Neighborhood Planning Councils is to provide a forum to inform and discuss with neighborhood residents and representatives of the City staff and City Commissioners, issues and concerns of that neighborhood. Generally, the City informs the NPC of facts and potential results of pending decisions, opportunities or other changes. The NPC discusses and decides what, if any, recommendations it would like to make or strategies they would like to develop.

These meetings are all open to the public who may attend and offer suggestions about resolving certain matters of interest in the neighborhood. Any person who lives or owns property in a Council area or has demonstrable or substantial interest (i.e. works in) within the defined boundaries of the Council area may request to be considered for membership on their NPC Board.

Anyone wanting to join an NPC should give his or her name to the chairperson of the Council. Attendance as a potential member is encouraged prior to recommendation by the NPC for membership. His or her name is submitted to the City Commission for official appointment.

Each NPC has a regularly scheduled meeting date each month. Meetings are held in the evenings and run one to two hours in length. Questions about Neighborhood Planning Councils, meeting locations or membership may be directed to the City of Battle Creek 966-3382.

NPC meeting minutes are available online and can be read by clicking here.

Neighborhood Planning Council

Recent Discussions/Upcoming Events

Regular Meeting Dates/Times

NPC1 – Post Franklin
Contact: Diana Quigg
  • Next meeting is scheduled for May 4, 2017
Community Action Board Room
175 Main Street
1st Thursday at 7:00 pm
NPC2 – North Central
Contact: Pastor Joe Hooper
  • Next meeting is scheduled for May 8, 2017
Southwest Michigan Community Development Corporation
47 Washington Avenue North
2nd Monday at 7:00 pm
NPC3 – Central
Contact: Patrick Barnett
  • Next meeting is scheduled for May 11, 2017
Michigan Tile & Carpet Community Room
99 E Columbia Avenue
2nd Thursday at 7:00 pm
NPC4 – Northeast

Contact: Mark Jones
  • Next meeting is scheduled for April 19, 2017
First Congregational Church
(Choir Room, 1st floor)

145 Capital Avenue NE
3rd Wednesday at 7:00 pm
NPC5 – Urbandale
Contact: Robert Whitfield
  • Next meeting is scheduled for May 8, 2017
Christ United Methodist Church
65 N Bedford Road
2nd Monday at 7:00 pm
NPC9 – Rural Southwest
Contact: George Wytko
  • Next meeting is scheduled for May 9, 2017
St. Peter Lutheran Church
1079 Riverside Drive
2nd Tuesday at 7:00 pm
NPC10 – Westlake/Prairieview
Contact: Jeff Koteles
  • Next meeting is scheduled for April 24, 2017
Lakeview Senior Living
(Large activity room)

14661 Helmer Road South
4th Monday at 7:00 pm
NPC11 – Minges Brook/Riverside
Contact: Randall Champlin
  • Next meeting is scheduled for April 26, 2017
Riverside Elementary School, Library
650 Riverside Drive
4th Wednesday at 7:00 pm

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